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What Does a Business and Mindset Coach Do?

Business + Mindset Coaching: Because People Run Businesses

Whenever I meet someone and tell them that I'm a Business & Mindset Coach, 95% of the time I get a broad smile and a "wow" or a "cool!" followed by a pause and the same question - "So what do you actually do?".

The simplest way to think of it is this - imagine you own an F1 racing team and you want to win for the season, there are two things you need; the best car (vehicle) and the best driver. It's the same in business.

Your Business is like your vehicle, and there is so much that goes into that to get it right. You need the right systems, mechanics, process, technology and maintenance etc.

Your Mindset is like your driver (you).

It's the way that you perceive opportunity and challenge, the way you lead and the lens you see the world through.

In business, just like F1 racing, the world can rush towards you at one million miles an hour - so you need to be able to trust your car and your driver if you want to succeed.

When I first started, I focused more on the Business elements of coaching because that was the traditional model. I got good results with clients but found that so much of the time someone had the skills, motivation and knowledge, but wasn't getting the results. They didn't have the right mindset to be able to make the most of their situation.

Mindset is the elephant in the room for a lot of small business owners.

Mindset is an absolute passion and ongoing focus of mine, so it was an easy choice to incorporate it into the offer.

If you'd like to learn more, I've put a summary of how both can help you below.

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How a Business Coach Helps your Small or Micro Business

Business Coaches Help With

  • Vision & Planning: Working out what the bigger picture is, what you want to achieve, and then the best way to do it. This could involve visioning, planning, goal setting, tracking and system design to make sure that you stay on track and get to where you want to go.

  • Boosting Business Performance: Business Coaches can help you be more efficient, and more importantly, more effective. A good Business Coach will help you optimise processes and build business systems that deliver profit, client and team member satisfaction and allow you to have more time to focus on the things that matter to you.

  • Sharpening Skills: Business coaching fine-tunes vital skills for success. Skills like Planning, Time Management, Team Development, Money Management, Marketing, Sales, Strategy and Execution.

  • Perspective & Focus: While it's great for your Mum and best friend to think your ideas are brilliant, you've got a business to run. Business Coaches provide objective insights and feedback on your situation, leading to better perspective and ultimately the ability to make more informed decisions. It's really easy to get wrapped up in your own world and lose sight of what actually matters. In life, you get what you focus on; so it's important to focus on the right stuff.

  • A Dedicated Ally: A Business Coach is a committed partner in enhancing your business performance. It's like having a dedicated team member whose only job is making your business better.

How a Mindset Coach Helps your Small or Micro Business

Mindset Coaches Help With

  • Unlocking Meaning & Purpose: Aligning personal values with professional goals. When you can deeply connect to meaning and purpose, decision making becomes easy and you'll have inspiration on tap.

  • Identify & Replacing Limiting Beliefs: Limiting beliefs are ideas that hold you back, that you treat as true and unchangeable. Once they are identified, a skilled practitioner can help you to remove or replace them with a more useful belief. We all have unconscious beliefs about big topics like money, relationships, self and community - these beliefs shape our everyday actions. Once you have identified yours, you can choose to keep or replace them.

  • Overcoming Lingering Problems with Reframing: Sometimes the way you're perceiving the problem is the real problem, not the problem itself. Reframing is the act of perceiving or communicating an existing concept in a new, and often more useful manner. As I wrote about in "How the Concept of a Comfort Zone is Killing Your Progress", reframing can encourage growth in unexpected ways.

  • Developing Perspective: Mindset coaching brings clarity to decision-making. Some people need a broader perspective, others need to be able to focus on the key parts

  • Clarity: Mindset coaching sharpens focus and helps you understand and pursue the things that really matter to you. It's much easier to get from A to B when you're crystal clear on where "B" is.

Why Business and Mindset Coaching are Better Together

By now, you can probably see why the combination works best together. Put really simply, better you, better business. It's hard for your business to truly thrive when you're personally struggling and vice-versa.

When you work with a business and mindset coach, you develop crucial skills that enrich both your business and your whole life - It's a no brainer.


If you have any questions or would like to learn more, I'd love to tell you more about it - reach out on email or book a chat here

Onward & Upward, Jake

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