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Business strategy and mapping services

Get the business insights you need to take action

Additional business coaching services to take your business to the next level

Perhaps you’re not ready for a business coaching program, or you need to increase customer
and make your customers more sticky. Maybe your business is going through some growing pains and you need team workshops to guide your team forward.

Shaped and refined through real business scenarios,  I’ve developed a range of additional strategic, business mapping and workshop services to strengthen, unblock and grow your business.

Tailored business
strategy and
customer mapping

Built to complement
business coaching or
as a stand-alone

Services based on a
proven mindset

Created to identify
key focus areas for
stability and growth

Business snapshot reporting

Let’s put it all out on the table and identify 1-2
strategies that will actually move your
business forward and unlock growth.

This service has been designed to give insight into your business and provide actionable
strategies with real impact.

● Full business snapshot report
● Snapshot session recording
● Action plan with 1-2 key strategies
● Once-off service or business coaching
program add-on

Available virtually or in person in Melbourne
and wider Victoria, and virtually for other

Business mapping services

Business plans suck. That’s why this is a
business plan with a twist. My business
mapping service gives you a visual map of your business model as well as identifies
areas of growth and potential challenges.

● Digital business map, delivered in
collaboration software Miro
● Business model visualisation
● Once-off service or business coaching
program add-on

Available virtually or in person in Melbourne
and wider Victoria, and virtually for other

Customer maximisation
mapping services

Identify and shape the journey you want your
customer to take, leading to faster conversion
and better customer retention. This services
not only maps out the journey but also your
customer lead and opportunity pipeline to
maximise outcomes.

● Customer journey map, delivered in
collaboration software Miro
● Optimised lead/opportunity pipeline
● Journey map implementation advice
● Once-off service or business coaching
program add-on

Available virtually or in person in Melbourne
and wider Victoria, and virtually and virtually for other areas.

Team and workplace

Whether you’re bringing your team on a
change journey, need to collaborate and
define your annual strategy, or work through
a business challenge, I’ll tailor a workshop to
guide your team towards desired outcomes.

● Tailored to your specific needs,
objectives and required outcomes
● Adapted to your teams’ needs and
learning styles
● Available for all levels, from executive
to single contributors
● Single or multiple session packages

Available virtually or in person in Melbourne
and wider Victoria, and virtually for other

Not sure what service you may need?
Together we can define what service will work best for
you and your business. 

Have a business challenge you’re not sure how to tackle?

It can somethings be hard to see what you need amongst business growing pains and challenges.

That’s why I’ve designed 15-minute discovery sessions, helping you uncover a path forward quickly.

Business & Mindset Coach Jake Harris smiling and making a hand gesture

How do these services work?

These services have been designed as easy add-ons for your business coaching plan,
giving you additional insight into your business, customers and sales journey. They can be
added at any time and can be customised to suit your business needs.

Want insights without a business coaching plan? These services can also be adapted as
once-off services to get you started. Any insights and recommendations can then be applied to
business coaching programs in the future.

Kris Abraham,

Fast Labour Hire

"Jake introduced me to techniques that allowed to me recognise my staff’s skills better, which in turn gave me the opportunity to zone in and utilise those skills and improve their productivity.


With Jake’s input, we have seen consistent growth even throughout the pandemic"


Furniture Manufacturer

"Working with Jake was a great experience.  It completely changed my understanding of how my business operates. Looking back, I don't know how I managed to operate under my old assumptions for so many years.  Jake provided a friendly and professional service, with enough content to keep me busy for the next year".


Bespoke Myotherapy

"Jake has been an incredible help to me this year & no doubt into the future!

I run a small Myotherapy clinic and Jake has been so supportive in giving me the tools and strategies to get my business off the ground.  

Showing me where and how to focus my energy to get the most out of my time. He always takes the time to answer my questions and go the extra mile".

Additional business coaching services FAQs

What’s the difference between business model mapping and customer maximisation mapping?

Business model mapping helps you build a living, visual map of your business. This helps you identify areas of growth, uncover challenges that could become roadblocks, and highlight potential business risks.

Customer maximisation mapping focuses on your customer journey and defines the journey from your first interaction to conversion and retention. It also helps you map out existing leads and opportunities to convert them faster as well as highlight potential journey impacts.

Do you do business plans?

As a business coach, I provide guidance and advice on business plans and business strategy.
My business model mapping is a business plan canvas, helping you:

● Identify your business structure
● Better define your products and services
● Uncover business challenges and risks

All this is delivered visually and in a digital format alongside a business plan you’ll actually use
and can be adapted as you grow.

Do I need to do a business strategy before I start my business?

While a business can be built without a strategy, it’s almost like building a house without a plan.
You may not have the right foundation to support your future needs, or perhaps not uncover issues or challenges until it’s too late.
But a business plan can only do so much. That’s why my business model mapping service goes beyond just creating a plan and gives you what you need to grow and evolve along with your business needs.

Take your first step to a better business (and better you)
Nothing will change unless you take action.
Together we’ll transform your business, unlock growth and create outcomes that matter.


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