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The 5 Biggest Growth Mistakes in Business

The Traps You Must Avoid to Grow Your Business

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The 5 Biggest Growth Mistakes in Business They insist on doing it all themselves They don’t test things in controlled ways before putting them in place They don’t listen to their customers (I mean really listen) and seek feedback They don’t take time out regularly to take perspective They just keep doing what they always did as the world changes around them Intro A Must-Read Guide to Avoid Costly Pitfalls I've been on the frontlines of businesses of all sizes, and I can assure you that no company is immune to making mistakes during growth phases. This guide condenses hard-won lessons from my own business journey, those I've worked with, and countless books on the subject. Why should you listen to me on the subject? I've seen firsthand how these mistakes can cost precious time and money. My mission is to help you avoid these growing pains, so you can elevate your business to and create that real freedom you desire. The quality of business and home life are inseparably linked, so it’s important that you get more done in less time and make more while you do it. As with anything in business or life, we perceive starting to be the hardest and most important part. Please don’t build that idea up too much though. ‘Done’ is much better than perfect, because ‘done’ actually exists - Perfect is just an idea. I recommend that you have a quick scan through the guide, then pick the part that will make the biggest difference in your business. Resist the urge to tackle everything at once; instead, prioritize, execute, and iterate. A little focus goes a long way, and I'm here to support you every step of the way. You’ll be amazed at how much you can get done with a small amount of focus each day. I’m rooting for you. Onward & Upward, Jake

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