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Jake Stanley Harris
Business & Mindset Coach

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Ok so that's the end of the section. And you got to the bottom and you're reading this really hard to read, tiny text - I think that's interesting.

That tells me that maybe you're looking for something else to read. Something else that I haven't written yet, or haven't made a video for. And that's great, because I'm always creating new content for Small & Micro Business owners to help them grow - so all you need to do is ask me a question or tell me what you'd like me to write about!

Generally, I create content that's relevant to Small & Micro Business Owners and their teams on the topics that help them get more out of their business - Time Management, Sales, Growth, Marketing, Pricing, Mindset, Leadership, Team development and all the other good stuff. If you've got something else though, don't be shy, let me know.

I love a good random email, so feel free to hit me up with one and I'll see if I can answer your questions in blog or vid form.

You found this little tiny text, so you should have no trouble finding my email I'm sure.

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