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Business coaching and mentoring

Unlock business growth and fall in love with your business again

Proven mindset techniques
and tools

Tailored business coaching
and mentoring

Online and in-person
coaching and mentoring

Personalised business coaching meets the power of mindset

Walt Disney from Disney. Richard Branson from Virgin. Melanie Perkins from Canva. They all
have very different businesses. However, they have one thing in common: The power of mindset.


Your business mindset shapes everything you do, from how you approach problems to your productivity and performance. Yet when it comes to the day-to-day pressures of running a business, when did you last think about your mindset?

That’s why I incorporate mindset into each and every business coaching service. This combination arms you with the business strategies, tools and insights you need to succeed as well as the mindset strategies you need to thrive.

How is mindset built into your coaching?

Your mindset has the power to drive success or hold you back.

That’s why we start your business coaching by understanding your business objectives and goals and identifying your current business mindset. 

Knowing where you are now and where you want to be, we can create a benchmark for growth and set cleartargets for your business coaching program.


Each business coaching module is built on a foundation of mindset and includes proven mindset methods, techniques and tools.


Merging this with my six-pillar approach to business coaching, you receive a personalised coaching plan focused on results.

How business coaching and mentoring can help your business

Identify quick wins,
roadblocks and

Uncover areas of
growth and improve

Enhance customer
relationships and
retention rates.

Keep accountable
and set realistic

Get tailored business
and leadership

Gain business
confidence and build

Uncover efficiencies
and increase

Learn mindset
techniques to bring
focus and balance.

Kris Abraham,

Fast Labour Hire

"Jake introduced me to techniques that allowed to me recognise my staff’s skills better, which in turn gave me the opportunity to zone in and utilise those skills and improve their productivity.


With Jake’s input, we have seen consistent growth even throughout the pandemic"


Furniture Manufacturer

"Working with Jake was a great experience.  It completely changed my understanding of how my business operates. Looking back, I don't know how I managed to operate under my old assumptions for so many years.  Jake provided a friendly and professional service, with enough content to keep me busy for the next year".


Bespoke Myotherapy

"Jake has been an incredible help to me this year & no doubt into the future!

I run a small Myotherapy clinic and Jake has been so supportive in giving me the tools and strategies to get my business off the ground.  

Showing me where and how to focus my energy to get the most out of my time. He always takes the time to answer my questions and go the extra mile".

Uncover the one ‘big thing’ you need to move forward and make positive change for your business. Book a free strategy session with me and identify next steps!

How your business coaching session will work

(1) Define your coaching goals and objectives.
I start by getting to know you and your business as well as:

● your potential and actual challenges
● what you want to achieve
● where you want to be in the future

This helps us clearly define coaching goals and objectives, making sure you get the most from your program.

(2) Uncover key focus areas and insights.
Sometimes the key to transformation is hidden below the surface. That’s why step two is about uncovering key focus areas and gathering insights to guide your coaching journey.

(3) Your coaching program is personalised
Taking learnings and insights from steps two and three, we create a coaching program to best suit your goals, objectives and leadership needs. Coaching programs are designed using key coaching modules, tailoring module structures where required to meet your outcomes.
This approach not only ensures your coaching focuses on the areas you need but also ensures we’re working towards your short and long-term goals together.

(4) We start your program.
We’ll put a plan in place with session times, check-in dates and coaching activities to keep you on track. This approach also keeps you accountable and continually moving towards your goals. Your schedule includes 1:1 time with me - your dedicated business coach - as well as support, advice and guidance throughout your coaching program.

The Upper Limit Coaching structure

Every business is different and needs a different strategy mix to kick-start transformation and growth.
Using my six-pillars approach, we’ll ramp up (or down) focus areas specific to your business objectives, goals and outcomes.

Six business strategy pillars
● Time
● Team
● Mindset
● Money
● Sales
● Marketing

By defining the right mix for your business, we can make sure you get the right level of focus and support - in the right areas - and get the outcomes you need.

Business coaching and mindset services FAQs

What is a business coach and what do they do?

Just as the name implies, a business coach is simply a coach for businesses and business owners. Whether you’re starting your business, have been in a business a while, or are looking to transition to a new business chapter, a business coach provides support, guidance and advice to run a successful and profitable business.
Here at Upper Limit, I provide a number of business coaching and mentoring services, including business strategy, business snapshots and full business coaching programs. I also provide
team coaching and mentoring to help your team thrive.

What areas do you provide business coaching for?

I provide business coaching and mentoring services across Brunswick, Melbourne and wider
Victoria as well as across other areas of Australia.
All business coaching and mentoring sessions can be provided in person or virtually, depending
on your needs and location.

What should you look for in a business coach?

While business coaching focuses on your business, business coaching and mentoring is a personal service. Just as we all have different needs, we each have different working, learning
and leadership styles.
That’s why it’s essential to work with a business coach that you feel comfortable with and whose approach or methods align with how you work, learn and lead. Working with a business coach you trust and can depend on means better results for your business. In turn, providing a better return on investment and long-term impacts.
Unlike other business coaches, I adapt my style to suit my clients. This ensures you get the
most from our sessions and get the best results.

Take your first step to a better business (and better you)
Nothing will change unless you take action.
Together we’ll transform your business, unlock growth and create outcomes that matter.


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