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Because business coaching should be more
than just numbers


Helping you grow your business, enjoy the process and live a better life

It starts with you

You’re here searching for a business coach for a reason.

You might be trying to solve a problem, unlock growth, or simply need to find some balance between work and everything outside of it. 

Whatever the reason, we’ll work through it together. Transformation doesn’t happen without action, and you’ve taken that first step towards a better you and better business. As your business and mindset coach, I’ll help you get the tools, knowledge and confidence to reach your goals.

Plus, the numbers and analysis you need to make
informed changes and decisions.

Closeup portait of Business Coach Jake Harris Smiling

Every business starts with a story.
Here’s mine.

The son of a small family business, you could say that business has been in my blood since I was born. Born in Ballarat, I watched my family work hard and saw just how easily interlinked business and life can become. It was their drive and determination that led me to own my own business straight out of school as well as working back in the family business many years later.

No matter where I went or what I did, I found myself drawn back into helping people get the most of their business and the life they were working so hard for. It was this passion for life-
focused business that led me to become a business and mindset coach.

I want to help you get the most out of your business, banking the profit you deserve in the optimal amount of time.

What I love most about what I do? You. I do what I do because I want to see you and your business reach your highest potential. Applying my love of behavioural economics, process analytics and mindset, I’ll help you create a healthy business that supports you and the life you
want to live.

Onwards and upwards,

Jake Stanley Harris

Kris Abraham,

Fast Labour Hire

"Jake introduced me to techniques that allowed to me recognise my staff’s skills better, which in turn gave me the opportunity to zone in and utilise those skills and improve their productivity.


With Jake’s input, we have seen consistent growth even throughout the pandemic"


Furniture Manufacturer

"Working with Jake was a great experience.  It completely changed my understanding of how my business operates. Looking back, I don't know how I managed to operate under my old assumptions for so many years.  Jake provided a friendly and professional service, with enough content to keep me busy for the next year".


Bespoke Myotherapy

"Jake has been an incredible help to me this year & no doubt into the future!

I run a small Myotherapy clinic and Jake has been so supportive in giving me the tools and strategies to get my business off the ground.  

Showing me where and how to focus my energy to get the most out of my time. He always takes the time to answer my questions and go the extra mile".

Local businesses I’ve transformed

Fast Labour Hire business logo

Tailored business coaching, made for you

Jake Harris standing in an alley with arms crossed

Everyone learns differently. And every business has its own challenges and growing pains. So why should all business coaching be the same?

While I follow a proven framework, I tailor the ‘what’ in your program so you get what you need from it. How? By listening to you and understanding what it is you want to achieve or overcome. This is backed by analysis and insights, creating real, actionable coaching that makes a difference.

Using this approach I’ve helped dozens of businesses grow, create a better mindset, and enjoy the process along the way.

The values that shape my business coaching approach

Think and share abundance

No matter who you are - or how much money you have - everyone should have access to the tools, advice and supportive communities they need to succeed. A big believer in’ the more you give, the more that comes back’, I make the time to be as helpful as I can. Greed (or my profit) is not the goal. Your success is.

Grow together

We all have our own business journeys. Some of us are just getting started, others still putting the pieces into place, and others have been at it for years. Being in business isn’t always a walk in the park, but lifting each other up and supporting one another can go a long way. We’re in this together, and
together we can learn and grow. Sharing with others - whether it be time, money or resources - also goes a long way for our own mental health.

Many methods for many minds

Often, the most powerful and life-changing concepts are the simplest. It’s not
about becoming smarter, it’s about doing the things that matter most and give us the highest value. No two minds are the same, nor do we learn (or grow) the same way. Some people learn best by reading, others by doing or observing. It’s about finding 'your way’ and applying it to effectively deliver information. This allows you to
better absorb, act and grow.

Do the most with what you’ve got

While millions would be nice, most times our budgets don’t stretch that far! While the flashy software or extensive solution might seem like the only answer, often the real answer is in trying things (not buying things).
That’s why I focus on leveraging what you’ve got and providing you with the resources to enhance what you have. The result? Simple, purposeful and bold moves that take what you have and turn it into something powerful.

Compound success

Continual good behaviour x time = success

Just as depositing money into an account with compounding interest gives you compounded value over time, so too do actions. It’s those hundreds of actions that lead to the $1 million idea, and one success often leads to
another. While not everything will turn out perfect, it’s important to keep moving forward. Each of those steps sets you up for future success. Aim to be 1% better each week and you’ll be 52% better by the end of the
year. No one wakes up to a 52% version of themselves overnight!

Business know-how to get you there

Take your first step to a better business (and better you)
Nothing will change unless you take action.
Together we’ll transform your business, unlock growth and create outcomes that matter.


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