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Friday Freesource: Perceptual Positions

Free + Resource = Freesource!

Perceptual Positions is a tool that originates from Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). This powerful model can be used in home or work life when attempting to resolve conflict or reach a more agreeable outcome to both parties in a negotiation.

This workbook will:

- Help you empathise with others

- Guide you in taking an impartial view of the situation

- Improve outcomes for all and push for win:win thinking

The beauty of this model is that it can quickly and easily be applied by anybody. It's easy to understand and just a few moments spent on this activity can save hours of time, and greatly reduce emotional distress during conflict.

Share it with friends, colleagues or family members and get better results, now and forever.

Get unstuck, strengthen your relationships and start thinking win:win with this workbook.

Perceptual positions workbook is yours to keep and can be re-visited regularly to hone your offer. Feel free to share it with anyone that you think would benefit.

Onward & Upward - Jake

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