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Could you shine just 10% brighter today?

10% more is barely a stretch really in terms of effort, but it could be that 10% that makes all the difference.

There are always two choices -

  1. Spend the day on autopilot and see what happens, like we normally do

  2. Resolve to shine just 10% brighter in all of your efforts and interactions today and see what it brings

In the first scenario, the results are predictable, because it’s what we always do and it’s what we always get. In the second scenario though, who knows what could happen?

Some compelling reasons to try the 10% brighter option:

  • In competitions, there is always a margin that someone wins by, perhaps you’re coming second by less than 10% and it will mean the difference between winning and losing.

  • Every relationship comes with an unknown expiration date. We never know how much time we have left with all of the people in our lives, why not make the most of every precious moment we have?

  • When you shine brighter, so do those around you - We need some positive contagions in the world right now

Ways to shine 10% brighter:

  • Take the time to listen and pause before responding. Seek first to understand, and then be understood

  • Instead of a text, make a call

  • Instead of an email, write a letter

  • Take an extra few seconds to thank someone meaningfully

  • Read an article on something new and interesting in your field

  • Do something you regularly do on autopilot just a little bit better and more attentively

  • Get an early head start on something that you know will be important in future

  • Check in with someone you care about and really listen to them

  • Make sure you take the time to take a proper break at lunch. Take a walk and let your mind go

It could make all the difference in someone else’s day, and it could make all the difference in your day, and in the end, it’s a very small cost for a huge potential pay off.


Thank you for taking the time to read and for investing in better thinking.

If you would like to discuss any of the concepts further you can do so by emailing or by clicking here to book a call.

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Until then, Onward & upward, Jake

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