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Here we go again

Updated: Jan 15

Melbournians - The last lockdown was pretty testing and no doubt, this one will be too.

But this one is different for one key reason...

Consider the huge difference between ‘here we go‘ and ‘here we go again’.

Here we go again is easier than here we go infographic

I have tools this time, and so do you. We’ve been thrust into this wild unknown before and we know some of the perils that lurk in the dark caves. It might feel equally unnerving at first, but once we get in there and amongst it, we have routines and habits that can kick in to help us.

I was absolutely flattened the other day to hear that we were going back to lockdown Melbourne wide. Worry flashed across my mind about what this meant for my business, for friend’s businesses (in particular in hospitality etc) and for the jobs and wellbeing of so many who are living close to the line day-to-day. Two days later though, reflecting on both situations, I can see a massive advantage and difference this time already.

The first Lockdown kicked me to the curb for a month or so as I struggled to find a new flow to daily life that worked for me. I know how hard this hit me as someone lucky enough to have been in the situation I was in - being already set up to work remotely from a home office - and I can only imagine how difficult this must have been for a lot of other people.

We Humans are adaptable creatures though.

Like everyone, I needed to find new routines around socialising, exercise, work, shopping, you name it. I had many frustrating weeks where I wasn’t at my normal levels of high energy and effectiveness and this drove me nuts.

When the news came the other day, my brain played a cruel trick on me and for a moment, had me thinking that I was headed for that again, but I really wasn’t.

Last time, it took me over a month to find a new flow that really worked for me.

Compare this to now - yesterday, I was equally grumpy and bewildered as I was the first time.

A day later though, the routines I built last time have all come flooding back, and I’m mostly back into the flow already.

Please don’t mistake me here, it’s not like I’m declaring victory over lockdown - but already I can appreciate just how much I adapted last time and how much more prepared I am this time.

This time will be hard, and so will the next and the next if we have to face them. But remember, it’s not an unprecedented situation anymore. We have experience, and tools and techniques to deal with it.

I doubt that climbing Everest ever becomes easy.

Each subsequent trip, I’m sure you are better prepared though. You know what equipment and techniques served you best last time and you know what disasters you narrowly avoided the time before. You know what you’ve tried before in similar conditions and more importantly, what worked and what didn’t. Each time you face a familiar challenge, there are less things you need to try in order to get an acceptable result.

‘Here we go again’ is very different to ‘here we go’.


Thank you for taking the time to read this and for investing in better thinking.

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Until then, Onward & upward, Jake

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