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Just because you feel like shit, doesn’t mean you are shit

Updated: Jan 15

Feelings are temporary - we know that intellectually, but it’s easy to forget in the moment.

There are plenty of reasons to feel like shit at the moment, granted. This too shall pass though. Whether you’re feeling sluggish, unproductive, overwhelmed or just uncertain and aimless at the moment, remember, you’re feeling it, and feelings are temporary.

FEELING like shit at the moment because you’re not thriving does not mean that you ARE shit - now, or forever.

Just because you FEEL like shit doesn't mean you are shit inforgraphic

Sluggish, unproductive, overwhelmed or ‘bad’ is not who you are, they are feelings that you are experiencing for a period of time.

Labels like these are unproductive because they suggest permanence and when repeated to ourselves or others, we start to reinforce those labels. The only constant is change though. Nothing is permanent.

We’re in a period of rapid change at the moment and we’re all learning to adjust - learning takes time, effort and mistakes. If you’re not thriving at the moment and it FEELS like you’re struggling to get things under control and make progress, you’re not a loser. You’re someone who is adapting to a new environment and developing new skills that they haven’t mastered yet.

May I remind you that you have achieved many things in your life to this point?

You have done things for the first time that you never thought you would be able to do.

You have overcome things that seemed impossible at the time.

You have made a difference for the better in other people’s lives.

Heck, at one point, you couldn’t feed yourself, walk or take yourself to the toilet - and now look at you!

Although you may not be feeling it at this moment, and might not have felt it in a while, you know what it feels like to be positive, driven and capable. If you can just remember that there is a difference between FEELING a certain way for a period of time and BEING that way forever, those good and productive feelings might be closer than you think.

You got this.


Thank you for taking the time to read and for investing in better thinking.

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Until then, Onward & upward, Jake

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