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What would the "right" time look like?

Updated: Jan 15

If not now, when? What would the right time look, sound or feel like? Have you ever actually thought about what the "right time" looks like and if it's likely to come before it's too late?

What would the "right" time look like infographic

We all have things that we want to try or do, things that we know would challenge us and stretch us for the better and potentially bring us great reward - but we don't do them for some reason.

We tell ourselves that it's not the right time. We say things like 'the economy isn't strong enough for this at the moment' or 'I don't know enough about it' or the worst of all, we wait for an invitation from the universe - An invitation that never comes.

What if there is never a "right" time though?

What would happen if we replaced the idea of the "right" time with the idea of a "good enough" time and ask ourselves "What would conditions have to be like for this to be a good enough time to start?"

We'd all have a lot more progress and fulfillment is what would happen.

Until then, onward & upward, Jake

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